Bright frame with yellow agate
Standard stripping guide banded ROY BluedStandard stripping guide banded ROY11mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-Yellow---Single11mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-RedStandard stripping guide blue agateStandard stripping guide blue agate blued frameStandard stripping guide black and white jasperStandard stripping guide black and white jasper with blued frame11mm-Brown-Banded-Agate11mm-Moss-Agate---Light11mm-Teal-Green-Agate11mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-Red---Pair11mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-Yellow9mm-ROY---Leans-Red---Group-of-311mm-Standard-Banded-ROY---Blued-3_edited-111mm-Standard-Banded-ROY---2_edited-112mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-Orange12mm-Banded-ROY---Leans-Red11mm-Moss-Agate---Dark-and-Light9mm-Moss-Agate---Leans-Dark---Blued-410mm-Standard-Moss---Single-19mm-Moss-Agate---Leans-Dark---Pair10mm-Standard-Moss---Pair-110mm-Standard-Moss---Group-112mm-Moss-Agate---Leans-Dark12mm-Standard-White-Jade-2Black & White JasperBlack OnyxBlue AgateBrown Banded AgateEspresso BeanMoss AgateNatural AgateRed JasperBanded ROYNatural ROYTeal Green AgateWhite JadeYellow Agate"Standard" Stripping Guide hang tag

“Standard” Stripping Guides


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Natural stone stripping guides: History, Authenticity, Flawless Function.  Bezelled in nickel silver, these guides are a classic class act!  8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Stones vary by size.

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8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm


Black & White Jasper, Black Onyx, Blue Agate, Brown Banded Agate, Espresso Bean, Moss Agate – Dark, Moss Agate – Light, Natural Agate (white, gray, clear banded), Red Jasper, ROY Agate Banded (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Red), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Yellow), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Red), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Yellow), Teal Green Agate, White Jade, Yellow Agate

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Made in USA