arcane a. Hidden, Concealed, Secret
arcanist n. Used spec. of a person who has knowledge of a secret process of manufacture

Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, Volume 1.  Clarendon Press, Oxford. 2001.

Arcane Component Works combines art with innovation in component & tackle design and manufacturing.  We invite you to join our revolution as a reseller or as an affiliated rodmaker. 

Revolution?  Yes, we’re revolting against the industry-wide trend toward inferior components and tackle made to satisfy one demand, “cheaper!,” no matter what the cost in terms of quality, function, pride of workmanship, and pride of ownership.  As more and more U.S. component firms send their production overseas, we have kept our craftsmanship close to home, with the goal of providing a better quality product for you, the avid rodmaker.  Nearly all of our products are made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  There are a few exceptions: we import our silk from England and we have our cork grips turned at the source, in Portugal; a few other odds and ends are produced outside of Lancaster, but still within the U.S.  What may surprise you is how affordable top notch craftsmanship can be.  Arcane Component Works does not engage in “business as usual.”  We’re business unusual!

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