Hexagate™ Stripping Guides


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A visual echo of the hexagonal bamboo rod, carved from stone, wrapped in nickel silver – it’s a new angle on the classic stone stripping guide. Crafting the hexagonal bezels is a jeweler’s task, which far exceeds the challenge of making the standard circular wire bezels of other stripping guides.

We are launching this new guide in a single size, 10.  The stones measure 10mm flat-to-flat, and have a 5mm ID, making them ideal for 4-6 weight lines. 

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Black Onyx, Blue Agate, Moss Agate – Dark, Moss Agate – Light, Okapi Agate (Leans Dark), Okapi Agate (Leans Light), Pale Banded Agate, ROY Agate Natural (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Red), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Yellow), Teal Green Agate, White Jade, Yellow Agate