JM Special™ Stripping Guides


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From the fertile mind of Mr. Joey Moll at Fish On! Custom Rods, we present the “JM Special” series of guides. Fish On! specializes in glass blanks built up into extravagant fly rods that conflate traditional design elements and bold aesthetics. Mr. Moll worked with ACW to create an appropriate guide: natural stone; vivid colors; a narrow, modern ring; a classic cradle frame.

The size 13 is available only with our vintage large agate stones (white, reddish-brown, black).

Stones vary by size.

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8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm


Black & White Jasper, Black Onyx, Blue Agate, Brown Banded Agate, Espresso Bean, Moss Agate – Dark, Moss Agate – Light, Natural Agate (white, gray, clear banded), Red Jasper, ROY Agate Banded (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Red), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Yellow), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Red), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Yellow), Teal Green Agate, Vintage Black, Vintage Red, Vintage White, White Jade, Yellow Agate

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