The ACW Silver Snake™ Hook Tender


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These tenders offer rodmakers a new twist on a trusty old component. Silver Snakes™ are crafted from solid nickel silver wire. The feet are traditional paddle feet – they’ll look great under translucent silk wraps, though you may need to touch up the feet just a little. These are not soldered at the base of the loop, which offers you, the rodmaker, some serious flexibility…. spread the feet and you both open the loop and drop it a little closer to the blank, or push the feet in and match them snugly on the centerline of the blank for a nice circular opening. Heck, you can even slide the feet ‘past’ snug, cross-legged if you will, and the loop will become very narrow and slightly taller. Play around. These were, pre-WWII, originally made to frame grooved, porcelain, donuts. Perhaps due to the war, these never caught on as an alternative to wire snake guides. Now, by repurposing these tiny guide frames as hook tenders, we are recycling an otherwise outdated component, yet using them on the very rods they were intended for: flyrods. That’s historical revisionism we can live with! Medium, Small, X-small.

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Made in Germany


Small, Medium, Large


Nickel silver


1-pack, 5-pack

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$6.00 per piece