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Golden Witch spawned Arcane Component Works.  Two decades in the tackle business isn’t that far off if you mark day one as the first time a college kid sold a rod to a buddy, to his father, to his father’s friend.  In that time Golden Witch was hatched as an idea, then molted from one form to another, from Golden Witch Rods, just a name and a few rods, into a Seattle-based Sole Proprietorship, which eventually became Golden Witch Technologies, Inc.  GWT, Inc. was incorporated in Pennsylvania back in 1998.   Rodmaking was sidelined by educational dvds, classes, and a growing component resale company.  Now that component reseller is on the verge of being eclipsed by its own progeny: Arcane Component Works.  As Arcane grows, offering more and more in the way of traditional components for bamboo, glass, and graphite rodmakers, Golden Witch has become just one place you can find ACW parts.  We at GW & Arcane urge you to explore the other Arcane resellers – some have more on-hand inventory of completed agate guides than Golden Witch does.   But if you need something from ACW, we’re certainly here.